Zagreb, 01.04.2019.


Spring and summer 2019 in Zagreb are sunny, lively and interesting. Many open air festivals and events are awaiting you, alongside few renown film festivals and attractive exhibitions.
We recommend:

JFF Festival of Tolerance
JFF is an annual film festival dedicated to contemporary Jewish film work and was organised for the first time in 2007. The goal of the Festival is to educate viewers, and to emphasize that tolerance and mutual values form a foundation of peaceful coexistence in different national and religious surroundings.

20.04.- 01.10.2019.
The Zagreb Time Machine
Various squares and streets in the centre of Zagreb, as well as Maksimir park, are once again places where you can enjoy various events and performances. This project is organised by the Zagreb Tourist Board and is in its seventh year, successfully encompassing nine events that each in its own way present city's past and culture.

Zagreb Design Week
For the sixth time, Zagreb Design Week is organising a series of events and gatherings not only for designers, but art historians, economists, journalists and the general public alike. Lectures, exhibitions, workshops and awards will draw public attention as a promotion of creativity and invention. Since 2018, the central location of the Festival is Technical Museum Nikola Tesla (Tehnički muzej Nikola Tesla), Hala V.

Let them eat cake-Food in Art
This interesting exhibition, named after the far-fabled statement attributed to Queen Marie-Antoinette, will present works with food motifs created by Croatian artists since the beginnings of the modern period and going on to the present day covering works from the second half of the 19th century until the present day.

Summer on Stross
19th Strossmartre, our favourite open air festival, is beginning on the 24.05. and will last until 22.09. Lovely days of concerts, quizzes, workshops and more. If you are visiting Zagreb this summer- Strossmayer Promenade is the place to be!

Animafest Zagreb
The World Festival of Animated Film Zagreb is an annual festival dedicated to animated film held in Zagreb since 1972. Since 2005 the festival is held every year- each odd-numbered year is devoted to feature film and even-numbered one to short film. However, this year, as in the past several years, we will have both- feature films and short ones, a well rounded overview of international animation whose rich programmes include something for everyone.

INmusic festival 2019.
INmusic festival has been one of Croatia's biggest international open-air festivals since 2006. The festival is held annually and takes place on Youth Island (Croatian: Otok hrvatske mladeži) in the middle of Zagreb's Lake Jarun. It includes several genre-specific stages with internationally renowned indie rock, heavy metal and electronica artists.

This list is an overview of Zagreb's events, as there are many (many) more, further info and detailed event list can be found on: