Zagreb Tourist Guides Organization was founded 01 June 2011 as a professional association of local licensed guides. Its members are true lovers of Zagreb and everything connected with it.

Our goal is to:

- protect the profession of tourist guides
- improve the quality of tourist guides' services, local tourism and tourism in general
- protect and promote cultural and historical heritage and natural beauties of the City of Zagreb and Croatia in general
- further educate our guides
- make Your stay in Zagreb nicer and more interesting

Zagreb Tourist Guides Organisation- Zagreb Guides is a professional NGO organisation that does not distribute the guides or in any way mediates in bookings. Zagreb Guides as an NGO organisation does not organise city tours / excursions, sets the prices or deals with payments for any of the above mentioned services. All the services in regard to guiding, city tours/ excursions or any other service you might require are to be negotiated and booked directly with your chosen guide. Therefore, Zagreb Guides as an NGO is not liable for any of the services booked directly with any of our members. However, if you feel you would like to send us your feedback of the services provided by our members please feel free to do so- we value your opinion. Have a great time in Zagreb and Croatia with one of our licensed expert guides!