Free city tour for Zagreb citizens 23.09.2012. - Day of the Lower town

We celebrated the Day of the Lower town of Zagreb by organising free sightseeing tours of the "Green horseshoe" through which we have presented history and architecture of this historical part of the city. Members of Zagreb Guide volunteered in guiding the tours, as well as in giving information to the public. This initiative attracted many of our fellow citizens, as well as media. We thank all those who have joined us on this day, who supported us, to all our volunteers and to Lower town district for cooperation!


Zagreb Guides have organised various educations and workshops for its members. We have visited several museums, galleries and exhibitions in Zagreb, as well as attended a number of lectures on different topics.

In 2011 we have visited beautiful Samobor in order to refresh our memories of all that this attractive city has to offer and to get to know all the new events.